About Us

Hexagon World is a young and vibrant company that offers various products and services
to customers from around the world. Our core business revolves around the wood
industry which includes supply of doors and related hardware
from all parts of the globe.
Our principle aim is to provide customers with excellent quality products at competitive

We also provide value added services for clients such as sourcing for and customizing
specific products, quality inspections as well as manufacturing consultancy. We have an
extensive network of contacts in the woodworking industry in Asia.

Hexagon World comprises of a competent and dedicated group of professionals based in
Europe and Asia to serve the needs of clients wanting to expand their supplier base
worldwide. We draw our strength from our extensive experience, our flexibility to cater to
each customer's individual needs, and our tireless pursuit for quality products.

Our representatives are located in Malaysia and Germany.

Contact us for more information.