► Clear float glass
► Clear bevelled float glass
► Clear and coloured laminated glass
► Tinted float glass
► Clear float glass with high reflective coat
► Tempered glass with ceramic frit printing
► Decorative lead lites
► Triple-glazed decorative lead lites
► Pattern glass
► Double glazed units

*Heat strengthening and tempering is possible
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We help our door buyers source for glass products that go with, or go into the doors
that we supply to them. We import these glass into door supplier mills in Malaysia to be
fitted into the doors that we supply out.

Our current glass suppliers are large Chinese companies with state-of-the-art glass
production facilities. They are able to produce good quality glass at competitive prices
that complement our wooden door products.

We are currently able to offer these glass products out of China:
(listed in no particular order)
Glass Products