Solid Wooden Doors
We are able to offer solid wooden doors produced
from a variety of timber species, including (and not
limited to) the list below:
(listed in alphabetical order)

Kembang Semangkuk

* FSC® and MTCC® certified products are available for certain species upon request, subject to the availability of
timber supply.
FSC® is a trademark registered to the
Forest Stewardship Council, A.C.
MTCC® is a trademark registered to the Malaysian Timber Certification Council
Our supply comes from manufacturing facilities with decades of experience in
producing doors for export. We have equipment capable of producing all types of
common designs, as well as the expertise to make low volume, higher complexity

We also have spray facility to produce pre-finished doors.

Contact us for more information on what we can offer you.
Why Solid?
There is no dispute that solid wooden doors look
the best among all the various types of doors.
The grains of natural wood exudes unrivalled
class and beauty, which is the principal reason
homeowners and homebuilders with discerning
tastes prefer them.

Solid door construction is time tested, with its
exceptional resistance to wear and moisture.
With proper maintenance and care, solid doors
can last many, many years of service.

Wood is also an excellent heat insulator,
therefore solid wood doors are better able to
keep the heat out during summer, and keep it in
during winter compared to metal doors.
Wooden doors of palaces in India have
outlasted the rulers that built them
If It's Solid Wood, It Must Be Bad For The Environment
Not necessarily.

Doors made of timber coming from sources where indiscriminate logging is rampant
are bad for the environment. Such are usually logs that are illegally spirited out of the
forests and sold cheap, hence these products are almost always unusually cheap.

However, timber that comes from managed forests is a sustainable resource, therefore
ecologically friendly (unlike steel doors that require enormous amounts of energy to
produce, or plastic or uPVC doors that come from fossil oil). In managed forests, trees
are replanted after having logged, and forests are allowed to regenerate before being
harvested again.

Since trees absorb carbon from the environment during its living years, using wood as
a building material means keeping this carbon in your building the lifespan of your
product (as opposed to using other material such as concrete, steel or plastic). Wood
is easily processed using machine tools with relatively low energy, compared with large
furnaces required for cement and steel manufacture, and the high powered tools
required to work on them.
Therefore, ecologically
speaking, wood is one
of the best building
material available to

All our timber sources
are vetted to come from
legal sources in
Peninsular Malaysia and
European or American
timber suppliers.

We do NOT deal in
products made from
illegal timber.
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Why Solid?
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