► Lower risk of receiving entire shipments with quality issues, thus less
       expensive to engage PDI services than to get claims for inferior
       products, loss of reputation and future business

► Quick response and immediate remedial action at supplier site
       when problem occurs as opposed to relying on suppliers to
► Global presence for your company, leveraging on our negotiating
       clout from collective purchase with our other existing buyers
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We are able to provide pre-delivery inspection (PDI) for goods that are to be shipped
out so that they meet customer requirements. Goods are routinely inspected before
leaving the suppliers' premises, and the scope of inspection can be negotiated.

Advantages of this arrangement are:
Quality Inspection
► Extensive experience and knowledge in the wood industry
► P
ersonnel with extensive experience in PDI services with reputable
       track record

► C
an offer other related services besides PDI (such as sourcing), as we
       have extensive network of suppliers in Asia
Advantages of partnering with Hexagon World are: