Our affiliate company based in Brühl, Germany, retails and wholesales special, unique
wood products sourced from around the world. Our range of products include furniture
and decorative items, and we have plans to expand to all range of wooden articles that
are eye-catching and beautiful.

For manufacturers and suppliers of products with special or unique designs, we are
happy to hear from you to purchase special items that could be of interest to
consumers in the European continent.

The retail arm of our business has been operating since 2008. We currently import
products produced in Malaysia, Thailand, India and Africa into Europe.

Please visit our
European website or contact us for more information.
Retail & Wholesale (Germany)
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Current Product Lineup
Products that we currently retail out of Germany may be categorized into the following:
'Indian' Furniture

► R
ustic Furniture

► H
ome Decoration

► D
ecorative Lamps
All our products are made from recycled or plantation wood. Apart from giving that
unique 'rustic' look and feel, this means our products are ecologically friendly. Wooden
parts from old, disused bullock carts, doors, and even abandoned traditional houses in
Asia are salvaged and used as raw material for our products.